Guru Bahati Mershant holds a Doctorate in manipulative therapy and Asian healing arts.  Over time, Bahati's study of the Asian healing arts led him to the martial arts realm.  He believes and teaches that these traditional martial concepts must come alive in our present law enforcement challenges.

With a father who was a Bailiff and Deputy Sheriff, Bahati remembers growing up in a law enforcement family, just wanting his dad to come home safe every day. Influenced by these experiences, Bahati began to think of present day tactical usage early in his Silat career. As an instructor, he believes that defense always combines awareness and avoidance.

Guru Bahati's objective is to prepare law enforcement for inevitable edged weapons encounters.  Utilizing strong basics, law enforcement officers can gain that split-second that makes the difference between survival and death. Guru Bahati is sincere about this issue and believes that there are no guarantees in combat; the best bet is preparation. This knowledge is humbling for the martial artist and law enforcement officer.

Dr. Mershant has trained numerous law enforcement and military personnel to include:

Hawaii County Defensive Tactical Team, FBI liaison Captain Julian Shiroma, Hawaii retired Captain Dave Sommers Honolulu Police Dept. Internal Affairs, Marine Patrol big island DLNR, Head of Airport Security Kona Hawaii Sergeant Durand Wheeler, Anchorage, AK Police Department Defensive Tactical Instructor Mike Addington, The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Ranger Division Adrian Boone, Sergeant Durrand Army Combatives Wheeler Air Force Base Oahu Hi, Army Ranger Battalion out of Anchorage, AK, Cobb County Georgia Sheriff's department Aaron Tihinen and members of Seal Teams exclusively in Silat and with Tom Kier Sayoc Tactical.